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Pacific SpiZes

Vision | Mission

We founded Pacific SpiZes because we have heard and seen the call for help from the local Moluccan farmers who unfortunately still live below the poverty line and are looking for a better future. Through Pacific SpiZes and the cooperative at Ambon, we strive to give the many farmers who are affiliated with it a better life. We do this, among other things, by financing projects selling the best spices and oils directly from the source - Spice-Islands, Maluku in Indonesia.

Pacific SpiZes is a young organization that is looking for sales of Fairtrade, Organic spices directly from “Spice Island” the Moluccas in Indonesia. Pacific SpiZes will act as a commercial agent for a large cooperative based in the Moluccas that will sell spices in the European market to wholesalers such as yours. The reason for the sale of the Fairtrade, Organic spices is the fact that we feel committed to the farmers in the Moluccas and that we can offer them a better life.

As you may know, most of these farmers are still living below the poverty line and that is very important to us. By selling the “Rolls Royce” among the spices, it is possible for most farmers to build a better life. The establishment of a cooperative in the Moluccas for these farmers means that we can offer these Fairtrade, Organic spices at a favorable price, with the result that you get the best quality and the farmers are rewarded for this. As mentioned, the quality of these spices is mainly very high in nutmeg, mace and cloves, as they are grown in their natural habitat. More than 3,500 farmers have already joined this cooperative and many are expected to follow suit. As a supplier, you should appeal to the idea that we can offer many farmers and their families a better life, with a view to a better future. You help the farmers and get the best spices for a favorable price! To make this dream come true, we naturally need the commitment of companies like yours.