Work visit | 11/2018

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Working visit Pacific SpiZes | November 2018

In recent weeks we have visited Banda, Seram, Saparua and Ambon. This visit was all about the nutmeg farmers, their families and the living conditions. In order to achieve our goal, we believe that we must experience and experience this ourselves. And we certainly did!

The Nutmeg from Banda, after all, the birthplace of contemporary nutmeg, is still known as the best nutmeg available today. Nutmeg trees in India and Grenada, for example, are not originally a native plant in these regions. The seeds with which they are planned are from Banda. Due to the location and composition of the soil on Banda, the taste of the nutmeg remains unique and cannot be surpassed.

I must say that the situations we found on some plantations were dire. Children who cannot go to school, farmers who are exploited and then there are also the poor living conditions.

Because of this experience, we are convinced that the help we want to offer is certainly not in vain. You plan to help these people because we have been made aware of it by a person who has been doing this for almost 20 years but unfortunately does not have the means to take the help to a higher level. And say yourself, what is more beautiful in life than making other people happy?

In order to make our mission successful, a lot has been inventoried according to the needs of the farmers. Again, and again we heard the demand for stability and confidence for the future. We try to translate these questions into solutions in the form of a cooperative. The cooperative must ensure this stability and confidence by means of security of purchase at a fair price.

In short, a very educational trip that laid the foundation for our mission that gave us the drive to help these farmers and their families! With the help of the local government and other local administrators, we discuss what steps we can take to provide even more help in the future.

To be continued..