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- Specerijen rechtstreeks uit de Molukken -

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Cloves | Whole

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Our nutmeg, mace and cloves come directly from the Moluccas without the intervention of intermediaries.

Banda-Ambon islands the Moluccas Indonesiaië


The clove tree is a beautiful tree with dense green foliage and flowers that hang in small bunches from the ends of the twigs. The cloves are the dried, still closed flower buds of this tree. The shape of the future cloves is already clearly visible in the green flower buds. The clove tree grows slowly and can only be harvested after six to eight years. After that, the harvest can continue for up to a hundred years. The tree is 912 m high, pyramidal and always green. During the flowering period, the trees are full of clusters of bright red flower buds..

The clove tree originally grows in the Moluccas. As of 2012, about two thirds of all cloves in Indonesia are harvested. Clove trees love a tropical maritime climate. Cloves are also grown in Madagascar, Tanzania mainly on the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Grenada. Cloves are a spice with a very predominant taste. Cloves are the dried, still closed flower buds of the clove tree Syzygium aromaticum, synonyms: Eugenia aromatica and Eugenia caryophyllata. A clove consists of a stem about 1 cm long, with the bud on it, which is about 3 mm in diameter. The name clove comes from spice in the form of a thread or nail. In Indonesia, almost all of the clove production is consumed in the country itself, partly because cloves are processed in Kreteks cigarettes there. The name Kreteks is a mimic of the crackling of these cigarettes when ignited. The clove oil then burns.randt dan.

Cooking tip

Whole cloves have a characteristic strong, sweet and penetrating aroma and taste. It is used as a seasoning in various stew and game dishes. But it is also widely used in soups and desserts, for example. Cloves have a warm winter taste and are therefore very suitable for spicy hot drinks such as mulled wine, Turkish coffee and winter tea. Cloves are also used in meat and rice, but also in spice mixes for biscuits, such as speculoos.


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